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Types of Pants for Women and Men

Are you fond of wearing pants? It is a type of clothing that consists of a pair of trousers for the bottom body. Not only do women have a choice of what type of pants they can wear, but men as well. The type of pants you chose for your wardrobe will depend on the seasons and weather.

Also, the pants you choose to wear can determine the way you look as well as how comfortable you are. You can look for different types of jeans to wear when you go out with friends. There are various types of pants available in the market. But, it is quite difficult to choose only one among all. Hence, to help you out with your selection, here is the list of various types of pants you can wear on any occasion.

Types of Pants

There are pants for men and women. They come in different cuts, shapes, and styles. There is no wrong or right type of pants as every style can be suitable for both genders.

Unisex Pants

Are you gender-neutral enough to embrace the unisex theory? There is a stream of thought in this generation that more than one style suits anybody. Then came the unisex pants. It is a kind of pant which serves for all the genders, be it male or female. How can you wear unisex pants you might wonder, but don’t let the stigmas hold you back.

Punk Pants

Punk pants is a term used to describe a specific style of pants that was popularized in the punk rock scene. Bondage pants were favored by punks between the 1970s and early 1980s. A lot of people think they are jeans but they also have so many different shades of punk. Basically, they have strings attached to two ends of the different parts of pants.

Tripp pants are bondage pants that have been modified to contain a large number of pockets and chains, rather than straps. They're favored by dancers, hackers, goths, and other subcultures.

Tripp pants are a comfortable stylish fashion statement. They can fit everyone from the average height man to a very tall woman. Tripp pants have extra pockets. These are not jeggings. You always can find the ones here that fit like they were tailored to your body type!


Jeans are probably the most popular type of pants that are worn all over the world. One of the most versatile garments around, jeans can be worn with dapper shirts and blouses or with all types of sweaters, jackets, shoes. Jeans are a favorite type of trousers for both men and women. The fit is generally snug for a man and form-fitting for a woman. There are jeans that can be worn by men that have an unsecured waist, which falls to the ankle. They are also worn by women who want the comfort and versatility of jeans but prefer a looser look with more room in the waist area. Jeans are available in a wide range of washes, colors, and styles, such as acid wash, combat style, frayed, etc.

Whether you choose boyfriend, bootcut, or slim-fit – jeans are a wardrobe essential for every season. Made from a soft cotton blend, they come in a wide variety of styles, featuring high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise waists to create a particular stylishly worn-in look.

Finding a pair of jeans that will suit your body type then becomes a much easier task. You can find custom unique, rare, and even vintage jeans on Etsy. And for your favorite classic fit, or modern with skinny jeans or straight leg pants from Levi's, Diesel, and more – Amazon Fashion could be helpful. When jeans fit well they are comfortable enough to wear in any situation. 


Trousers is a loose term that encompasses any pair of pants. If you describe yourself as wearing trousers, then you are describing what Americans usually refer to as “pants.” The label of “trousers” is more commonly used in the UK where it can apply to any type of pants. The word slacks can also be used to generically describe pants, but it is not as frequently used as trousers even though the words mean the same thing.

The most common use of trousers is to wear them at work. They can look smart and dressy and are comfortable enough to wear all day. They tend to be made from fabrics such as cotton, wool, and polyester. They can be used to create a professional outfit when they are worn with a smart blouse. 

Trousers are pants that cover the body from the waist to the ankles and may extend down onto the lower calf. The word “trousers” is of French origin, from “trousser”, to tuck up the clothing. Trousers or pantaloons were originally a form of men's underwear worn in the 18th century, covering the body from waist to ankles, with separate covered legs attached at the bottom.


In western countries, khaki is a color that represents more than just a color. Khaki pants are also known as khakis and these pants belong to the category of trousers. These pants are usually made of cotton or cotton twill. Khakis are one of the most popular kinds of trousers worn today by both men and women in the military, private sector, and also by the younger generation. The colors they come in can vary but khaki beige, black, and navy are usually the most popular options. 

While khaki can be used in a general sense to refer to any type of brown dyed trousers, it usually refers to less formal cotton trousers – most often seen with a matching belt and usually made in one of two ways. Namely, khaki may refer to cargo pants or chino pants.

They are thought to have got their name from the color khaki, which is a yellow-brown color that is just a bit duller than beige, as they often come in this color. The same material in this color can also be used to make shirts and jackets. 

Harem Pants

Ancient Persia is where people first started wearing long baggy pants. Sack or caftan-like robes like this were also worn by rich citizens thousands of years ago in India and Turkey, and it was from here that this fashion trend spread to Europe and England. Harem pants became popular in Victorian England because they were accessible to a wide variety of classes—not just royalty and the upper class. And although harem pants went out of style for a long time, today's designers are bringing them back.

These are loose-fitting pants that are very similar in style to palazzos. They are usually made from silky material. The combination of this material and the fact that they are loose makes them very comfortable to wear. 

Harem pants are also known as Hammer pants, parachute pants, baggy pants, or Eastern pants. All of these pants have lots of extra fabric around the hip area and the knees. The excess material gives you a loose and comfortable feeling.

Sweatpants or Joggers

Sweatpants are generally made of a heavy cotton fabric with or without fleece inside and may be tapered at the ankles. They may have a front pocket or two and depending on the type of drawstring used, may have a string inside. They were originally used as athletic attire but later on they became more popular as leisure wear. They can be worn when exercising, but they are equally as good to relax in as a lounge wear of these quarantine days.

A jogger is a type of pants made from a lightweight material. These types of pants are super popular choices for both men and women. 

It is not hard to understand why these pants have become so popular. They are comfortable and lightweight. Nowadays, designers have even taken it a step further. Instead of merely calling them sweatpants, they have given them trendy names like joggers, trackies, or hoodies. The casual nature of these garments makes joggers the perfect fashion wear for anyone who wants to look chic but needs comfort and practicality at the same time.

Pants for Men

The thing about pants is that they’re pretty much the same for men as they were hundreds of years ago, except for the weird tights from the medieval era. Sure, we used to have pants made from dead sheep, and now we have a million different kinds of synthetic fabrics. But what’s changed is the cut and the style.

Pleated Pants

Pleated pants are popular with men that are looking for something classic yet sophisticated. They look good on men of all ages and can be worn for a variety of different occasions. The pleats are only usually visible on the front of the pants at the top, and the number of pleats often ranges from one to three. 

The two most popular types of pleats are forward pleats and reverse pleats. Forward pleats are associated with English tailoring and these pants will have pleats that open inwards towards the fly seam. The fold of reverse pleats open outwards so that they face the pockets and are inspired by Italian tailoring. 

Pleated pants suit men with a larger build because they are remain comfortable at all times, even when seated. Pleated pants have been very popular for many years and this popularity does not show any sign of diminishing. 

Pants With Flat Fronts

This type of pant is more suited to people with a slim build. They will look their best when you have the right fit and so it is recommended that you try them on before you buy. Flat front pants do not have pleats in them but they can still be worn on formal occasions. They come in a wide range of materials and colors and so it is easy to find a pair that is to your taste. 

Although pleats are still around, flat front pants are slowly becoming the dominant choice. People associate flat fronts with a more modern look and design. This is also due to the fact that men's clothing has, for the most part, been evolving toward less material and more comfort over the years.

Jodhpur Pants 

Jodhpur pants have stood the test of time, and they look amazing with boots. They tend to be quite loose around the thighs and then narrow so that they are a tight fit around the ankles. This eventful clothing piece is perfect for equestrian activities, as well as all other outdoor sports. If you're involved in horse riding, or any type of western riding, chances are good that you wear these pants. Also known as jods or jodhpur breeches, these pants are very comfortable and will last you a long time so it’s worth spending money on a good pair.


Chinos are stylish and comfortable and are often made of synthetic fiber. They can be worn in casual situations, but they also look very smart when they are paired with a dressy shirt. 

They are fairly similar to khakis, but they are usually made out of a lighter fabric, which in most cases will be cotton. They will also have hidden stitches and this helps to give them a more finished look. They tend to have a slimmer cut than khakis and this helps them to look smarter when they are worn in a formal situation. 

Cargo Pants 

Cargo pants tend to be made from sturdy fabrics and so they are a great choice for trekking and hiking. They tend to be loose and baggy which means you can move freely when you are wearing them. They also have several pockets and this is useful for carrying any equipment you may need with you. 

Men's Tactical Pants, Water Repellent Ripstop Cargo Pants
Men's Tactical Pants, Water Repellent Ripstop Cargo Pants

They are sometimes referred to as combat pants, but it is the large side pockets that distinguish them from other types of pants. This makes them a popular choice with many people, not just those that are involved in outdoor pursuits. 

Carpenter Pants

The main features and benefits of carpenter pants are the non-restrictive fit and versatile pockets. You can comfortably wear them for hours on end on a work site. Designed for carpenters, general contractors, electricians, and other professional tradesmen. Carpenter pants allow you to maintain a flexible range of motion. You can easily squat, bend, move, sit and climb when you’re wearing them, but now can be easily worn as casual pants.

Pants for Women

Today, pants for women come in a variety of styles for every occasion. That’s thanks to the rock stars and fashion icons who’ve been bold enough to be the first to wear pants and smart enough to compete with men in workspaces, city streets and rural farmland alike.

Yoga Pants

Despite the name, you do not need to be doing yoga or any type of exercise to wear this style of pants. They are very comfortable to wear in all situations because you can stretch and be in any position you want without them feeling tight. They are skin tight and so move when you do. 

They are similar to leggings but the styles and colors that they come in tend to be more diverse. Some of these designs can incorporate many different colors and so they are more eye-catching than leggings which are more likely to be a single color. 

The material used for yoga pants is often thicker than that used for leggings because yoga pants are not always worn with a top covering them. The comfort of both types of pants means that there is not much to choose between them in terms of popularity. 


Palazzos are designed for lean women and they are usually very loose-fitting. They are made with wrinkle-free fabric and so they are very easy to take care of. They work well with both casual and dressy shirts so they are a great addition to any wardrobe. The main characteristic of palazzo pants is the wide legs which make the pants so loose-fitting. 

Palazzos are a popular choice of pants to use in fashion shows. This is because they come in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs and so this gives designers a lot of scope to create something unique. There are so many options for the buyer when it comes to the style of palazzos that it should be easy to find the perfect pair for you. 

Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms or Sailor pants flare at the bottom but the waist tends to be tight. Most of them will be full length but you can also get designs that come to just below the knee. For classic appeal and retro upbeat fashion, you'll need to invest in a pair of flare pants. Bell-bottom pants fit closely around the waist, rear end, and thighs, flaring out from the knee down to ankle length. This makes them distinct from regular full-length pants.

Bell bottoms started out as military pants worn by sailors in the 1800s, according to the European Fashion Heritage Association, and gained popularity in the 1960s. Of course, the styling of these 1960s bells was very different than the flared fabrics you might know today. But it was the rebellion of hippies in the 1960s that really made bell bottoms iconic. The pants became part of a uniform, as they were paired with bold designs, peace pendants, and long hair. In fact, images of male hippies wearing bell-bottom pants are some of the most iconic and memorable images from the decade.


Capri pants come in a mid-calf length and it is this feature that gives them their distinctive look. They are perfect for wearing in the summer and they come in a wide range of designs and styles. 

They are only really worn in a casual environment, and as such are often made from materials such as cotton, nylon, polyester, and denim. It is not often that you will find a pair of capri pants that are made from a dressy material. 

Capri pants are also known by several other names such as pedal pushers, crop pants, or clam diggers. They are particularly popular in North America, Latin America, and Europe. 


Leggings have a similar fit to capri pants, but they are more likely to be full length. They will usually be made from cotton, Lycra, or denim. They are more suited to casual situations and they look great when paired with a flowing blouse. They can come in a variety of colors, but black is the most popular choice because this goes with any type of top. 

Most leggings are made from a combination of cotton and spandex. The cotton helps to keep you cool when you are wearing them and the spandex makes them fit well. Explore different types of leggings in our latest article.

Daniella is an Etsy handmade shop owner and maker who has spent over 8 years sewing with the team and herself different clothes for Petite, Average and Tall women, men, and kids. Featured Star Seller and fashion blogger.


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