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10 Best Stores For Tall Women’s Clothing From Aliexpress

Are you looking for tall women's clothing? If yes, you’re at the right place. According to a survey, a staggering 82% of people who have a height or a height requirement for their clothes feel frustrated when they can’t find any options that fit them well. Luckily, there are plenty of online stores that cater to customers who are looking for clothing that fits them well. In this article, you will discover the top 10 AliExpress stores that sell tall clothing for women.

What To Consider When Ordering


The main problem with clothes on Aliexpress is the length of the product and sleeves. You've probably seen the “expectation-reality” photos, in which Chinese jeans or leggings barely cover the knees, and dresses are more like blouses. To not become the hero of such a photo, you need to correctly take measurements and compare them with the seller's size chart.

In order for the sleeves to cover the wrists, you need to take measurements like this: bend your arm slightly at the elbow and measure the length from the shoulder to the protruding thumb bone. So the sleeves will not be short, even if you actively gesticulate.

The waist may also be out of place. For example, trousers simply will not fasten since their waist is on the hips of a tall person. Therefore, when choosing trousers, you need to look at the height of the fit, that is, the distance from the waist to the crotch in front and behind.

size guide from the store on Aliexpress
The seller recommends measuring not the waist but old jeans: so the new ones will fit

When buying a dress, check with the seller the distance from the shoulder line to the waistline. If the waist is right under the breast, then the girl runs the risk of turning into a “tea cozy”.

Reviews And Real Photos

It is not always possible to understand from the size table how apparel will fit. Therefore, sellers indicate the model's parameters in the photo, including height. In the ideal case, the same clothes are tried on by two models – tall and average.


On Aliexpress, it is easy to find clothes in sports and street styles. Difficulties begin with the classics: it is almost impossible to find a ready-made suit for high growth – this is the case when it is not worth the risk, but it is better to go shopping offline or at other tall retailers like Long Tall Sally.

If you choose a thing of a non-standard cut, then write to the seller. He will tell you exactly whether a particular model will sit on your figure and whether it matches your parameters.

If there are problems with the size, the correspondence between you and a seller can be attached to the dispute as an argument. Sellers know this, so they usually say directly whether the size is right: it’s not profitable for them to lie.

Amy Enjoy Life

Amy Enjoy Life Rating: 97.1%

Amy Enjoy Life is a salvation for those who follow the dress code or simply love the classics. There are jackets, woolen coats, dresses and trousers of normal length. Moreover, the height of the models in the photo is 180 cm or 5'11 ft.

Wardrobe by Amy Enjoy Life

Viscose blazer | Viscose suit trousers | Checkered shorts | Wool coat


TOYOUTH Rating: 98.5%

Toyouth is a youth clothing brand focused on the European market. For most products, the height of the models is written under the photographs: 173-175 cm, 5'9 ft. But, depending on the cut, the clothes may also be suitable for girls above 180 cm, 5'11 ft. Buyers in the reviews confirm this.

Wardrobe by TOYOUTH

Sweatshirt | Knit Vest | Baseball Jacket | Sweatpants


Obrix Rating: 87.9%

The peculiarity of the Obrix store is natural fabrics. For example, here, you can buy a coat made of 100% cashmere – and buyers in the reviews confirm the composition. Most models are suitable for heights 170-175 cm, 5'9 ft.

Aachoae Apparel

Aachoae Apparel Rating: 97.3%

Another seller that offers replica branded clothing at very low prices. The description and photos are accurate and correspond to reality – so they write in the reviews.

The seller offers leatherette clothes, coats, jackets, blouses, long and short dresses – and everything for girls 175+ cm/ 5'9 tall.

Simplee Apparel

Simplee Apparel Rating: 97.7%

At a very reasonable price, the quality of the clothes is excellent: the real things exactly match the size chart, the indicated composition, and the photos of the seller.

All models representing clothes are over 170 cm or 5'6 ft, and their height is indicated in the description. Therefore, you can understand how the thing will sit on a taller or shorter girl. Some options are suitable for 180+ cm or 5'11.


EAM Rating: 97.4%

EAM designs clothes with an unusual cut specifically for the European market, so most of the models are suitable for a height of 175+ cm or 5'9+. 175 cm or 5'9 is taller than about 41.3% of men and 93.7% of women in the USA. But not all of the items of EAM are for tall ladies, and the fact is that they sell clothes from several Chinese brands. Therefore, before buying, be sure to check the size according to the seller's table.


Trendyol Rating: 95.3%

Absolutely all models in this store are designed for height 175+ cm, and some are also suitable for girls over 180 cm/ 5'11 ft.

Trendyol is a Turkish brand, not a Chinese one, so the patterns are close to European standards. The reviews share that the clothes sit perfectly on the figure.


Inflation Rating: 98.7%

Inflation is a unisex brand with the same clothes for men and women, only the size differs. The clothes are designed for men 185+ cm and women 170+ cm or 5'6 ft.

Both girls and boys show pants and hoodies, and the height of the models is necessarily signed under the photographs. This allows you to evaluate how clothes of different sizes sit on the figure. Judging by the reviews, the fabric is dense and warm, of excellent quality – much better than in the mass market, and worth the money.

Pioneer Camp

Pioneer Camp Rating: 97.0%

The Pioneer Camp men's clothing store has been operating since 2014 and during this time it has become one of the top brands on the site.

The clothes are designed for men up to 195 cm/ 6'4 tall. True, buyers are still advised to check the size with the seller: it may turn out that the thing will fit in height but will be too wide. But the quality is excellent – thousands of buyers confirm this.


EJUHAOTI Garment Rating: 100%

EJUHAOTI offers a wide range of items, from business-appropriate dresses to casual everyday wear, including a wide range of pants, such as skinny, bootcut, wide-leg pants, and palazzos. Most of them are suitable for women 175cm or 5'9 ft.

Did you know that Aliexpress is your one-stop shop for affordable women's clothing? From high fashion brands to unsold stock from retailers, Aliexpress has everything you need to look and feel great in your favorite outfits. Although many people overlook this site because of the low prices, it actually has a ton of great clothes at great prices. The list above shows the best Aliexpress stores for tall women’s clothing that are perfect for those who have longer legs and arms. These online boutiques cater to tall women, and you can find so many great pieces of clothing here. Feel free to check out these shops for tall women’s clothing and stock up on your favorite looks today.

Daniella is an Etsy handmade shop owner and maker who has spent over 8 years sewing with the team and herself different clothes for Petite, Average and Tall women, men, and kids. Featured Star Seller and fashion blogger.


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