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21 Different Types of Camo Leggings

Although leggings became famous and recognized as a fashion statement of the early 2000s, they have been around for much longer than that. Today, leggings are becoming more and more varied to suit a large number of occasions. So, for example, the fashion for camouflage leggings leaked.

The term “camouflage” arose from the Parisian slang for “to mask.” As a result, military organizations around the world have created a variety of masked patterns to provide their troops with a tactical advantage.

While women seem to be interested in the camo print, some want something in particular. There are leggings with different colors and prints like widely-known Woodland or ERDL camouflage designs, sweety chocolate chips, and hunting tigerstripe. If you would like to know more about camo prints then check the types of them here.

This article will take you through these different kinds of camo leggings and help you decide on the perfect pair for you!

Types of Camo print leggings for Women

If you think about disguise leggings from a fashion perspective, it can be broken down into:

  • print
  • style
  • use
  • color


Army organizations use this masked type of protection of personnel, equipment, and weapons in order to make it difficult for the enemy to recognize various objects visually.

Brushstroke or Rhodesian Brushstroke camo leggings

“Brushstroke” – it's a kind of technique of painting paint, first of all, used to paint camo fabric to imitate the stripes and spots. Now it is often used in different kinds of patterns and paintings.

This revolutionary camouflage pattern was developed during WWII by British paratroopers, who used brush-painted stripes in their ghillie suits to blend into the natural surrounding.


The Vietnamese started to use the Tigerstripe pattern in the 1960s as an adoption of French designs. Browns and greens rendered Tigerstripe is particularly useful when scouting bamboo forests, which are common in Southeast Asia.

Duck hunter disguise legging

The backdrop color of Duck Hunter is solid and strong with big patches with at least two other color varieties overlaid on top.

ERDL camouflage leggings

ERDL (US Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratory) designed a woodland design that would represent the earthy tones of the trees, the grass, and the dark of the twigs.

Woodland print leggings

It is likely the first tactical stamp that comes to mind when you think about it, the most copied and changed pattern ever. It expands ERDL with a four-color style.

Chocolate chips camo pant

In 1981, the United States Army produced a six-color pattern called Chocolate Chip. The name derives from the black dots that resemble rocks and give the appearance of cookie dough.


The best thing about camouflage leggings is that you can dress in a way that fits your personal style, attitude, or occasion.


Shredded camouflage legs often have large splits on each leg, exposing more. Shredded leggings are those that have the whole front of each leg torn. Basically, if they look like they've been in a battle with a blade, they've been shredded.


Need to say, that leggings with holes are part of the informal look. Despite the popularity of such products in everyday wardrobe, it is not worth wearing leggings torn on the knees or hips always and everywhere. Such things have no place in an office or festive look. A sporty and casual outfit allows for ripped pieces, but it is important that other details of the look are appropriately designed.

Army Green Ripped Camo Leggings
Army Green Ripped Camo Leggings


Frayed disguise leggings have a frayed hem on the bottom of each leg. Depending on your preferences and comfort, the fray will look uniform or ragged.

Sheer Mesh Camo Print Leggings

The Camo pattern stands out from a distance while the mesh design is perfect for showing off your curves in a beautiful and unique way.

Cut out

Designed to be worn as hot, sexy camo leggings – women's cut-out military leggings are an easy way to show your love for the wild and set yourself apart from the masses.


Athletic Camo Leggings

They provide a comfortable workout with high-quality buttery soft fabrics that promote airflow and wick moisture away from your skin. These high-performance leggings ensure you get the most out of your active lifestyle and gym workouts.

Seamless camo leggings

Seamless Tactical Leggings designed for any sports activity, exercise, yoga and pilates, and a pleasant everyday style. They provide the proper freedom of movement and as added comfort a second-skin feel.

Streetwear Khaki Leggings

Designed exclusively for the streets with more cotton blend fabrics apart from athletic style leggings. Inspired within the streetwear culture, streetwear military leggings for women are versatile and would look great paired with a tee shirt and sneakers on the walks or with a girly top and sandals on date night.

Camo Jogger Pants

Slightly different from leggings, camouflage joggers will be the go-to in your daily life. Fashionable jogger pants made of soft, breathable cotton fabric with front or side pockets and a slim fit waistband for a perfect stay-put fit.


Theoretically, it may seem that camouflage is a color made in different shades of green. In practice, you will find pants of different shades – from gray to pink. Think about which color will be most suitable for you. Contrary to many people's beliefs, this is a very important decision, not a matter of chance. So, analyze what color best matches your clothes.

Are you wondering what to wear with camouflage leggings? It is very important to choose the right colors. As mentioned above – camouflage – it's not just khakis! For gray and green pants, feel free to choose black, gray, green, or burgundy additions. Black, white and gray are basic, universal shades, which will undoubtedly be a very safe option for you. These clothes are suitable for camouflage pants of any color!

Green camo leggings

Army green concealed leggings – the first one that comes to mind. Inconspicuous, soothing khaki tones are good for the city and fit perfectly into the casual style. It is good for commuting in the city or for leisure. Different shades of khaki, include sand, beige, brown, brown-green, dirty green, pale green, and olive camouflage, are the classic and obvious choice for every woman wanting to make her outfit looks more hunting or army.

Blue camouflage

The combination of blue camouflage can be described as strict, deep, brooding. A slight warm-cold contrast does not help the main tone to become warmer, but rather tends the composition to a cold scale. Such a pair can become a background or an independent combination. The palette is composed of aquamarine, gray-blue, blue-gray, thunderstorm colors.

Pink camouflage

The best combination pattern for pink camouflage should please an eye. It has a thermal, light, and brightness contrast, but most importantly, it is endowed with the natural beauty of nature: flowers and greenery surrounding them. The delicate the pink color – the softer, but more expressive the range of colors. The vibrant colors of pink add dynamism. The palette is composed of royal pink, white-purple, sakura, Barbie, raspberry. And Gray tones go well with pink.

Charcoal camouflage

Charcoal and gray are casual, business colors. They are boring for the holidays, where, everyone wants to be noticed, which gray does not contribute unless you emphasize beautiful body shapes for them. Gray shades often fade into the background, becoming a frame or a tamer of violent, bright, and rich tones.

Red Camo Leggings

A “commercial” type of camouflage that consists of Woodland-style patches of white, gray, black, and burgundy (sometimes red). Red tactical leggings definitely brighten up your outfit with a screaming design that sets them apart from the typical olive style. Combine them with heels and a white babydoll top for a sweet and sassy look.

Black Camo Leggings

Black color combinations are regal, expressive. Tone uniquely transforms any shade, but pure, bright colors look better with it. You can use Black camouflage legging as lounge and errand leggings and if they are compressive enough for workouts too. Find more passionate black moto leggings with a fresh selection. For more army legging check here. Explore different kinds of leggings in our latest blog post.


What to wear with camo leggings?

If you are wondering How do you dress up camouflage leggings? or What should I wear with camouflage pants? then here you will find the main tips for wearing army-style leggings.

Regardless of whether you prefer classic wardrobe items or choose spectacular outfits, a solid, restrained top is better for pants or leggings with a camouflage print. Avoid tactical stamp from head to toe, otherwise, you will be more associated with military service than with fashion. These pants are now experiencing a renaissance and are incredibly fashionable. Just follow some tips to look really stylish!

In summer, for the top, the best option would be a regular light T-shirt. In winter and autumn, you can choose long sleeves. A little advice: if the jacket is wide, wear skinny pants and vice versa, wide pants look best in the company of a tight-fitting shirt. This will allow you to maintain balance in styling. What else looks beautiful with a camouflage stamp? Sweaters! As with blouses and T-shirts, the best option is a simple sweater without any patterns. How about a jacket? Simple, plain jackets without patterns can be a great addition to the styling based on pants with a disguise motif, especially if you choose an oversized model and tube pants.

Military-style pants and shirt? The perfect combination! Not sure which shirt goes well with camouflage pants? Choose black, gray, or red! A great option would be a denim shirt. Casual flannel models will also be a great choice. When choosing a shirt, follow the same rules as when choosing any other top. What does it mean? First, the safest option would be a plain shirt. Coloring disguise will be enough in one stylization. Second, you can wear an oversized shirt with tight pants, but we recommend choosing fitted styles for wide models.

When planning winter styling with tactical trousers, you must first take care of the heat, so if you are cold, wear a sweater shirt or hoodie. If you are going to tuck your shirt into your pants, take care of the appropriate belt. A wide belt with a classic buckle will best suit the disguise slacks.

Not enough? than check these army outfits

What color goes best with camouflage?

When it comes to camouflage print, it is important to pick the correct colors of clothes. Cammies isn't exclusively about khakis, as previously said (see Color section). Feel free to apply black, gray, green, or burgundy tones to gray and green camo trousers. Black, white, and gray are pure, universal colors that will definitely be good with any camo design. Include jeans color with the calm tactical hues.

What shoes will go well with camouflage pants?

Styling with tactical pants and boots is an ideal option in winter. Pick up black shoes for gray and green pants. This model of pants and ankle boots will be a good choice for the fall when the temperature outside the window drops. Lovers of rock style will like this combination. You can also wear sneakers, low-cut shoes or martens. Camo pants and sneakers are an offer for autumn and spring for fans of sports style and fashionable urban bows.

Do you need ideas for specific outfits? In autumn, combine wide disguise pants in green or gray with a black long-sleeved jacket. You can wear a denim jacket or coat on top, and if it gets cooler outside – an insulated parka. Complete the whole styling with black sneakers or – in late autumn – Chelsea boots. Want to wear something more feminine? Trousers-tubes with camouflage color can be combined with a silk top with straps and black high-heeled shoes. This set is a great idea for a party. In summer, instead of shoes, you can wear sandals with high heels. Skinny disguise pants and a tight-fitting red sweater are another special offer that can help you stand out from the crowd in the fall. Wear black ankle boots with heels and a black trench coat on top. Trench is a classic women's outerwear that has not gone out of fashion for years, so it is definitely worth investing in.

How to choose a jacket for military pants?

A real fashion find, especially for gray and green pants, will be a classic khaki parka. The parka, as well as an elegant trench coat, is a very promising proposal, so it is definitely worth making a place for it in your closet. On warmer days, you can also choose a coat or denim jacket. In winter, a very good choice would be a black or gray down coat. In this case, choosing a hat and scarf, you can bet on accessories in the color of pants.

What accessories will go well with army leggings?

When choosing a handbag for military pants, pay attention to the fact that it has a more sporty, casual design. An ordinary shoulder bag will be a great option. You can also choose a small black backpack – this is a very good offer for every day and an interesting alternative to a bag. Accessories in the same shades will perfectly suit gray and green trousers. Black models are a real classic that will always be relevant.

How do you style spanx camo leggings?

Spanx camouflage leggings are a great choice for every day, but they are also suitable for styling at a party. The best blouse to wear for high waist military legging is monophonic, without patterns. You can choose the decor – rhinestones, beads, etc. Also, feel free to wear them in the company of T-shirts and shirts. When choosing the top of the outfit, pay attention to the fact that its shade fits harmoniously into your styling. Contrary to popular belief, camouflage is a pattern that can have different shades of color.

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