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57 Different Types of Leggings for Women (Epic List)

Leggings will explain your style to the world, what sort of work you are doing, whether you've had any weight recently or not. They have been a fashion part of the closet for years and still have. However, there are certainly plenty of types of leggings that you cannot name. You will be an authority on the subject after you see these different kinds of leggings.


History of Leggings

Although they appeared on fashion catwalks in the mid-80s of the twentieth century, have a rich history.

We first learned what leggings are from representatives of the European aristocratic nobility. In the 18th century, men wore pantaloons. They caused a lot of inconveniences when riding on horseback. And so, in order to protect the aristocrats from all sorts of inconveniences, tight-fitting pants were invented.

The first leggings were sewn from thin dressed skin of a moose or deer. Later they began to use suede and husky. Tight-fitting pants, which at the same time did not create discomfort when moving, became an obligatory part of the costume for special occasions.

In parallel with more expensive materials, simple fabrics were also used for sewing leggings. These pants were given to the military as part of the uniform.

After some time, leggings disappeared from the men's wardrobe. They were replaced by trousers.

What are leggings today?

This is, first of all, a type of sportswear like workout legging for both women and men. But if you successfully choose the upper part of the suit and shoes, then they can be an excellent option for going to a disco, a park, on a picnic, or running errands.

Gradually, leggings, which have become quite popular with females, have undergone improvements. This is how fashion leggings appeared. They stayed the same comfortable and colorful.

Many girls are interested in what leggings are. These are tight-fitting trousers, almost skin-tight, for which dense materials are used. It becomes a wardrobe staple favorite pair of casual wear and hot yoga trousers. Fashion designers use knitted fabrics, artificial or natural leather, very thin denim fabrics.

Manufacturers use various accessories to decorate leggings. It can be zippers, inserts combined from various materials, all kinds of prints.

These pants also differ in length. Some options for such clothes cover the leg to the ankle, and some go down just below the shin. The choice of this or that model almost entirely depends on the items of clothing that are planned to be worn with leggings. Do not confuse them with footless tights which are made from the thinnest sheer fabric and are more elastic and less flexible.

Here we will share an ultimate guide of Women Leggings that are special for each individual personality, where you can find your favorite leggings.

The types of leggings can be broadly broken down into:

  • -Lengths
  • -Clothing style and design
  • -Patterned Leggings
  • -Colour and fabric
  • -Waist Rises
  • -Fabrics
  • -Variations of leggings

Types of leggings based on length

Based on length leggings could be:

  • -Above-the-knee
  • -Knee-length leggings
  • -Below-the-knee,
  • -Pedal Pushers,
  • -Mid-calf, and Capri leggings
  • -Cropped leggings
  • -7/8 Length Leggings
  • -Ankle-length leggings or full-length legging
  • -Extra Long Leggings
  • -Footed leggings
  • -Stirrup leggings

Above-the-knee leggings

Above-the-knee leggings: Slim fit shorts that leave the knees exposed, often called biker shorts or cycling shorts. The main purpose of tight-fitting above-the-knee leggings – sports. However, the designers offered advanced models with different lengths, for everyday spring-summer and autumn occasions. And most importantly, it's a strong fabric that is thick and fits well on the legs. Soft knitwear can showcase the inaccuracies of the body.

Cycling shorts go very well with a variety of crop tops (for bold girls with strong abs) and long T-shirts. This look is comfortable to wear for a walk, on the beach, or even on a date in the fresh air. Add the sneakers for a cool, casual look. Black biker shorts are one of the most versatile and also the most basic options for wardrobe (vegan leather, sparkling or matte) and chic look.

Knee-length leggings

These are fitted at the knee and end at the knee. Most women wear them during exercise, attending yoga, or other physical activities. It provides extended hems because these activities require bending and stretching the knee.

These can accommodate movement, making them excellent choices as an alternative to the above-the-length leggings. They have another benefit: sometimes in casual dressing, they can make you look taller than you actually are. A lot of people wear leggings for workouts but not all lengths are as comfortable and elastic. Ankle-length ones might feel a little tight and constrict.

Below-the-knee leggings

This type of leggings includes all the varieties that come from knee to ankle-length ones: pedal pushers, mid-calf or capris, cropped, 7/8.

Pedal Pushers leggings

Pedal-pushers are a type of leggings that fall in between knee-length shorts and capris. These shorts are available in nylon, spandex, and cotton, and they work well for many casual and formal occasions. If you wear flats or heels, pedal-pushers are a timeless piece that will have you looking effortlessly trendy.

Mid-calf or Capri leggings

Mid calf leggings are also known as short leggings because they do not span the whole length of the thigh. Women wear it for high comfort and stability. It is also known as “capris”. Capris are a very versatile piece that can be worn definitely for three weather seasons since they are neither too short nor too long. If you choose to stop tanning or expose your thighs, capris allow you to embrace summer fashion without having to think about either. And as the brisk autumn winds begin to whistle, you can choose to wear capris. This is the most popular type of length, allowing the legs to be constantly sprawled out without any limits.

Cropped leggings

The length of cropped legging is usually a few inches below mid-calf. These are maximum sportswear, which is suitable not only for sports but also for comfortable walks. Cropped leggings draw attention to the slimmest portion of the leg, which is even more attractive. Some women agree that the cropped jeans make you look slimmer, while capris make you shorter. However, when it is hot enough shorter ones suit better.

7/8 Length Leggings

7/8 length leggings are the most popular athletic legging style in the market today. Not cropped neither full length, 7/8 leggings cut just above the ankle allowing more freedom of movement. The right pair for those who want to see a bit less interruption while working out. The 7/8 length creates a thin line that extends from your waist down to your lower thighs, making them flattering for any body type or shape. See here a more advanced comparison of Cropped vs 7/8 Leggings.

Ankle-length or full length Legging

Also commonly referred to as ankle length leggings, full-length leggings cover the entire length of the leg. This is a showstopper for the vast majority of ladies. Ankle leggings will help to visually lengthen the lower part of the figure. The combination of tight trousers and high-heeled ankle boots narrowed to the toe looks especially impressive.

It can be said that stretch leggings have superb compatibility. Slim figure holders can afford crop tops, as well as shirts tied under the chest and stylish boleros. Not only slim but also young women of fashion will dare to bear the navel. No matter how good a female figure is after 35 years, it is better to refuse short T-shirts in an everyday outfit. Although this option is appropriate in a sports ensemble.

Extra Long Leggings

If you're 5′ 8″ and taller you are considered tall. It can be difficult to find leggings that hit the right spot and aren't too cropped. Ankle length leggings of regular height could fall somewhere between mid-calf and above ankle for the gorgeous height woman. The good news is… There are a few stores and brands that specialize in extra long women's leggings, and our store, DaniellaDress, also has a wide range of long inseam leggings and tall leggings. We have these kinds of custom inseams: Regular inseam – 32′, Long – 34′, and Tall – 36′. If you need more inches/cm to add to your length (38′, 40′, 42′), reach out to us through Etsy messages, we will add more :).

Stirrup Legging

These are leggings with a narrow strip of fabric or braid to keep leggings or pants in a taut shape, covering the ankle and tight-fitting legs. A strip, attached to the lower edge of the trousers on both sides, is threaded under the heel of the shoe or inside it under the heel. They were made firstly for the horse riding.

The name stirrup leggings come from a type of tool that old jockeys used to use. It was referred to as a stirrup as it attached itself to the horse's saddle via leather straps and allowed riders to mount and dismount safely from their steeds. This kind of tool did not last long though, because it was extremely inconvenient at best.

Footed leggings

Footed legging is a type of legging that covers the feet as well as the calf. Footed leggings are a winter necessity for cold-weather activities. They can be worn on their own, under jeans, or with boots. They provide extra warmth and keep snow from getting inside of your pants or boots!

The first-ever recorded footed legging date back to the early thirteenth century in Europe. They were mainly worn by women between the ages of six and 12. The footed leggings were rectangular-shaped garments that had a cut at the bottom for legs to fit through and then they would be pulled up over the feet.

They were made by layering basic cloths – linen, wool, or cotton – with another type of textile-like silk or satin to create an extra layer of warmth for their feet and shins. The main way that these footed leggings are seen today is as an alternative version of socks or tights with outerwear.

Clothing style and design

Clothing style was used to display individuality, income, rank, geo-regional ties, school affiliations, and sports organizations. Your clothes can tell people about your personality almost instantly. Wearing a particular outfit will say to people, that you have a certain career, you sponsor a certain sports team, or if you have been really good financially. The royal status can also be seen by clothing.

Athletic Leggings

Showing off a sporty, tight-fitting outfit, everyone thinks you're going to workout, even though you may not. Comfort, versatility, performance advantages, and aesthetic appeal are the main benefits of athletic or activewear leggings.

The models are made of elastic fabrics, and due to this, they absolutely do not impede movement, allowing you to perform any exercise. In addition, tight-fitting clothing will better control the correctness of the exercise in the mirror.

Elastic sports pant are available in different versions. You can choose leggings for indoor sports, summer jogging in the park, or outdoor workouts in winter. In the latter case, you will need to pay attention to the thermal options.

If you plan to go in for sports “for health”, then you can buy the most common sports leggings, since this model is universal. For serious workouts, it's best to purchase a specially designed model. Now on sale, you can find options for a gym, leggings for fitness, yoga, running, and other sports. They differ in minor but very important details.

Cropped Athletic Leggings

These are leggings-shorts, and leggings-Capri, models above the knee, knee-length, and below it. This is a good option as workout clothes in the gym and for sports classes that exclude heavy loads on the legs.

Workout Legging

Specially designed women's leggings for sports and gym exercises allow you to evenly distribute the load on the muscles of the legs, protect the vessels and joints from overload and injury of a sweaty workout.

Gym leggings are most often made on the basis of polyester or polyamide fibers. The feature of it is that the weaving inside the fabric is thicker than outside, thanks to this, moisture is quickly removed from the body and evaporates almost instantly. More Camo Leggings can be found here.

Seamless Leggings

For aerobics, you should choose seamless leggings; this clothing option does not chafe the skin and allows you to avoid discomfort when performing the most difficult exercises.

Yoga Leggings

For yoga practice, it is recommended to choose a model with the maximum content of natural fibers, because yoga is not just a sport, but a whole philosophy that allows you to get closer to nature.

Many people associate yoga with baggy loose yoga pants. But any practicing athlete will confirm that too loose clothing is extremely uncomfortable. It is much more profitable to choose silhouette models that fit the body like yoga leggings. High-quality models, suitable in size, do not hinder movement and allow you to practice with pleasure.

Compression leggings

Most often, compression leggings are recommended for jogging. Since it is this type of sport that creates strong loads on the legs. When you run in compression leggings, the likelihood of pain in the muscles and ankles decreases, and the load on the cardiovascular system decreases.

The compression function of the garment is to squeeze the veins so that blood stasis is excluded. Compression underwear can be therapeutic, it is selected under doctor guidance. Athletic compression leggings as running leggings are a preventive measure; they help reduce the load that is created on the vessels, ligaments, and joints during training.

Shaper leggings

For the sake of keeping a lovely figure, most girls go to the gym. But at the beginning, many are embarrassed about the shape's imperfection. As a result, a vicious circle is created. The girl is embarrassed to go to the gym because of excess weight and cannot lose weight without attending a workout. You can solve this problem by choosing shaper leggings.

Putting on a perfect pair of shaper leggings, you can instantly transform your figure. There will be no miracle, and no XXXL will become the S size. But overall, the silhouette will become slimmer and more attractive.

High waist tummy control, slimming, tightening, compression included – all these shapewear leggings allow you to look more attractive and stop complexes. Thanks to the dense elastic inserts, control slimming leggings “pick up” the protruding belly, “eliminate” saddlebags ( “ears on the hips”), hide the fat folds on the lower back. But the presence of figure-flattering Leggings in the workout wardrobe is not a reason to relax and stop going to workouts. Conversely, such a pattern should prompt you to improve your figure.

Modern products allow lovely ladies to adjust their figures without much suffering. But you shouldn't get carried away and wear such leggings all day. Sports models are best worn only during training.

Butt-lifting leggings

Butt-lifting leggings are meant to lift and shape your butt. Butt-lifting Push Up leggings will help you quickly solve the problem of lack of butt volumes. This effect is achieved with a special cut and the presence of certain style back pockets. In addition, some models have silicone inserts on the seamy side. Their function is to lift the buttocks, making their shape more attractive. Who will fit leggings with a Push Up effect? First of all, very thin girls who do not have the natural “roundness” of the figure. You can choose this model even if your figure is slim and proportional, leggings will further emphasize the beauty of your physique.

Bum Push Up effect can decorate slightly plump figures. But on the condition that there is little excess weight. After all, fat deposits are rarely located “correctly”, and well-chosen leggings “redistribute” them, eliminating “unnecessaries” on the waist and sides and making the buttocks more toned and rounded.

Scrunch Bum Leggings

Went viral on TikTok Scrunch Bum Leggings has a ruched seam on the butt area that creates the illusion of a tight and round behind. They do not provide a butt lift as above mentioned, however, attract a lot of attention. A lot of brands offer moisture-wicking fabric, allowing you to exercise while looking and feeling great.

Weight Loss Leggings

There is no magic sportswear that would allow you to get the perfect figure and lose weight without training. Indeed, it is very tempting to increase the effectiveness of training with special clothing. But is there any benefit from such leggings or is it just another publicity stunt?

Sauna Leggings

This is the most controversial athletic option. On the one hand, their effectiveness is not in doubt, with a lot of sweat, excess weight is lost. But on the other hand, the moisture lost during training can be easily replenished by drinking water. In addition, increased sweating creates additional stress on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, such models are strictly forbidden to be used by people with heart disease, as well as with vein pathologies, in particular with varicose veins. Leggings with a sauna effect also have an extremely unfavorable effect on the reproductive system. Therefore, check with your doctor first.

Anti-cellulite Leggings

Usual compression leggings and even butt-sculpting leggings are usually called anti-cellulite, but there are also special leggings with anti-cellulite impregnation.

This version includes a substance containing red pepper extract. Due to this, when wearing such clothes, blood rushes to problem areas. However, the benefits of using such sports leggings are questionable.

Firstly, impregnation can provoke allergies. Secondly, red pepper extract is an extremely pungent substance. If you rub your eyes after pulling on such leggings, then instead of the gym you will have to run to the ophthalmologist. In addition, if you have scratches or wounds on your skin, then the effect of wearing leggings with anti-cellulite impregnation will be far from expected. But there are other safer weight loss impregnations.

Manufacturers offer a variety of sports leggings. Self-confident girls will choose bright sports leggings, eye-catching and focusing on slender legs. Beginner athletes who do not want to show their figure flaws can purchase a modest monochromatic model in a dark tone with a tightening like black leggings. In such models, the silhouette will look slimmer…

Boho & Hippie style

Bohemian style carries the features of many styles, including the national dress of the Gypsies (it is believed that the European region of Bohemia, where the Gypsies lived, became the birthplace of the boho-chic style, and from there it takes its name) and the hippie element, which developed in the late 60s and early 70s.

Hippies are famous fighters of environmental purity and the preservation of nature in its original form. Such views have formed the rule in the choice of fabric for clothing. Hippie-style leggings cannot contain frank synthetics, only linen, cotton, bright Indian silk, chintz, wool, and other natural materials!

Boho and hippie is the style of free and creative people, and its boundaries are determined only by fantasy and taste. These leggings do not restrict movement and allow you to create surprisingly light compositions. Embroidery, lace elements, colorful patterns, draperies – all these are elements of this style.

Boho & Hippie style Printed Leggings

All those varieties of prints can be found on these leggings: tribal, Aztec, Gypsy, yoga motifs, tie-dye, rainbow, paisley knit, festival, etc.

Bell Bottom

Bell-bottom leggings are tight-fitting around the waist and thighs and gradually widen from the knee down to the ankle. Fashion is cyclical, and the return of bell-bottoms to the catwalks is vivid proof of this. Moreover, eminent designers declare these women's leggings to be perhaps the most current model.

Beginning their history in the 19th century, and becoming mega-popular in the 60s of the last century, bell-bottoms have become an integral part of hippie clothing. Representatives of the subculture made significant changes to the model of trousers: hippie bell-bottoms began not from the hip, but from the knee, with a format of 21 and 23 centimeters (8 or 9 inches), respectively. The wider the flare, the hippier the trousers and now leggings looked.

Flare Leggings

Bell-Bottoms have a wider flare, while regular Flared Leggings have a more modernized narrow flare, which often starts lower below the knee.

Braided Leggings

These are mostly seamless-cut leggings with a faux-braided seam down the side that replicates the intricate geometric patterns, great for yoga, dance, and festivals outfit. You can buy online or make your own with detailed slash and weave stitch techniques.

Gothic style

Today's Gothic style is characterized by a predominance of black color in clothing and silver jewelry. An increased interest in Gothic appeared in the late 70s of the last century. The punk style gradually faded away in the youth culture. Rebellious moods were replaced by anxiety that was powerfully portrayed in music and apparel.

The black color of the clothes symbolized mourning for a life filled with pain and suffering. Sadomasochistic elements were frequently utilized as normal in the Gothic subculture as the attributes of style – thorns, whips, leather collars that portrayed body anguish.

Skull print leggings

Skull print leggings are the perfect addition to any gothic look. They are made from durable fabric which will not lose its print after washing. Also, Skulls are a great theme for Halloween costumes and spooky ideas!

Skeleton print leggings

The afterlife theme continues with skeletal leggings which also fit goths and Halloween outfits. But it is advisable to match these with tops or tunics in neutral shades if you wish to wear them every day.

Laced Leather Leggings

Laced leather leggings will make you feel like the queen of darkness. These are the perfect choice for an edgy, but feminine look.

Pentagram Leggings

Pentagram Leggings for Women with a five-pointed star are the perfect way to show your love for the occult and your disdain for the bourgeoisie. The Gothic style gives off an air of mystery and dark beauty while the five-pointed star symbol is associated with protection.

Harajuku style

Harajuku – it is a rejection of a certain style. Everyone who is following the trend seeks to differentiate himself from others and express itself in garments as much as possible. They are therefore protesting against Japanese society's conservatism and strict morality. The style incorporated numerous Japanese subcultures at once: sweet lolita, gothic lolita, visual kei, cosplay, decor, gyaru, fairy kei, kodon and punk rock. Harajuki is the choice of fashion fans and shopaholics alike.

Harajuku leggings

Harajuku Leggings are made of stretchy fabric that hugs your curves. These vibrant, colorful leggings are perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit. Use this unique and creative fashion piece in order to stand out from the crowd.

Minimalist style

Minimalism is characterized by its restraint and refined taste. It excludes bright and intense colors, as well as layering and additional decor. Admirers of this style choose things that have clear silhouettes and the highest quality. Fabrics of natural origin are preferable for sewing. They look very natural, keep their shape well and produce little volume. Monochrome dominates in minimalism's color scheme.

Classic Jersey Leggings

It's the perfect time to stock up on a few pairs of classic jersey leggings. This time-tested wardrobe staple is versatile and flattering on all body types, so it's always a good idea to have a few pairs in your closet. Classic jersey leggings made with high-quality cotton and jersey blend, are perfect for work, play, and everything in between. It has a beautiful soft feel and is comfortable to wear. We all need a pair of go-to leggings in our lives. Super service for Tall and Petite Ladies by DaniellaDress, the length of these leggings can be adjusted with your inseam to match your height, contact us for a custom order.

Classic Leather Leggings

Classic faux leather legging are tight trousers made of dense knitted fabric with a leather-like front surface. The models do not have pockets, fasteners or other additional details; they are held on a wide elastic belt. Traditional length – to the narrowest point of the ankle. These types do not prevent movement, do not bite into the body, and are a versatile and comfortable option to wear.

Organic Cotton Leggings

The main difference between organic cotton and regular cotton is in its cultivation.
Organic cotton, unlike conventional cotton, is grown in accordance with high environmental protection requirements.

  1. Organic cotton is grown without the use of various pest control chemicals
  • pesticides – pest control agents
  • insecticides – insect control agents
  • herbicides – weed control agents
  1. Organic cotton is cultivated without the use of GM seeds. Weeds are collected by hand by weeding the crops on organic cotton farms.
  2. Organic fertilizers are replaced with the application of synthetic mineral fertilizers. And they are guided by crop rotation principles, leading to the restoration of natural soil, to avoid soil depletion.
  3. Cotton is collected manually in controlled farms. The hand-picked cotton also cleans as virtually no foil is recovered, cotton bolls ripen uniformly and pick only ready-for-pick cotton by hand.
  4. Organic cotton farms use technology to save energy and ecological irrigation.

India, Turkey, and China are the main producers of organic cotton. There are small farms in Paraguay and Peru, West Africa, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, and Pakistan.

Mod style

At the beginning of the sixties, a subculture arose in Britain, giving energy to the style of Mod. Over the years, English young people appeared to be able to dress at a costly, elegant, and non-standard level financially. hung out in nightclubs and at VIP parties to the very cool music of that time, the records of which, by the way, were very hard to get. The modem (modern) style was rooted in their abilities and sincere desire to look modern.

Among the bottoms, bright leggings, tights, and knee-highs were also popular. They were worn under flat-soled shoes and a short skirt.

Preppy style

The preppy style, which offers an ironic reading of English classics, is becoming more and more popular. Originating in England and reborn in Manhattan, the preppy style has now spread throughout the world. Not the least role in this was played by the famous TV series “Gossip Girl”, the characters of which are often dressed in the preppy style.

Currently, the word “préppy” refers to the clothing style that is linked to student education. It is a mix of smart casual with some elements of business etiquette and is associated with student age. Young individuals with style aspire to be more mature and respectful. Elderly individuals hope to look younger.

This clothing style features classic colors, designs, and prints. Tartan and plaid leggings are examples of preppy style leggings.

Plaid Leggings

In the office, on a walk with friends, when shopping, you can look best with plaid, checked leggings. A black and white houndstooth check is more suitable for creating strict looks, but you need to wear cruel or gothic stuff with a huge checkboard. For example, leather jackets and mantle coats can complement a black and white check.

Tartan leggings

Tartan leggings never get boring. These are rich colors, unusual combinations, and mixing stripes of different widths. An uneven pattern draws attention to the legs, and if they are not in order, then it is better to choose a more relaxed pattern or solid-colored pants.

Rave style

Rave, in the original sense, is a party with electronic music with the involvement of DJs who played nonstop. Such events are held in nightclubs, in the open air in the format of festivals, on the territory of former warehouses or hangars.

The basis of the rave concept is sound improvisation, an endless stream of visual effects, going beyond reality, changing the psychological state. Raves are often compared to shamanic rituals. The style itself does not carry aggression, the message is peaceful, based on love and freedom.

Bright colors, acid, and reflective inserts, rejection of naturalness – this applies to both shape and color, fabrics of natural origin are complemented by spandex, but synthetics dominate – especially lycra, sexuality is combined with comfort: the figure is successfully emphasized by tight-fitting things (dresses, leggings, tops, T-shirts, bodysuits), technogenic, unusual symbolic prints, Unisex clothing – all of these are Rave style features.

Psychedelic Leggings

Holographic leggings

Holographic shiny leggings give gloss and chic to the appearance, allow you to look beautiful and catchy. Tight trousers idealize shape, accentuate beautiful legs, a thin waist, and tight hips.

Tie-Dye Leggings

Galaxy Printed Leggings

Rocker style

The rock style is unlikely to go out of popularity. Previously, such clothing was popular exclusively among the informals; however, currently, aspects of bold style can be seen in any outfit.
Leather and denim, particularly worn and shredded denim, are cult items among rockers and metalheads. Tight dresses with corsets, leather leggings and pants, short shorts, and leather jackets can all help flatter the female figure.

The decor is given special consideration. Metal rivets, spikes, chains, pins, and others. Furthermore, clothing with all kinds of cuts and irregular edges (ripped jeans, shorts with holes, etc.) is welcome.

Ripped Leggings

All have been used to ripped and torn jeans for a long time, but ripped leggings were found relatively recently in the women's wardrobe. This item of clothing looks extraordinary, so you need to wear it correctly. In some cases, leggings with ripped knees emphasize the individuality of the style and the rebellious character of the fashionista, while in others they make the image vulgar and tasteless. To prevent the outfit from being ridiculed, you should think carefully about the details.

Slashed Leggings

The holes are made on leggings made of dense fabrics. Most often, these are leggings made of eco-leather, dense knitwear, or stretch denim. Only young ladies with slim legs can offer holes in the thigh. But if there is cellulite on the thighs, then this option is best to avoid.

Criss-Cross Leather Leggings

Moto Leather Leggings

Motorcycle pants are an integral part of the modern biker's image and an ultra-functional piece of equipment that protects against bad weather, slipping on the asphalt in a fall, cold airflow, and small stones flying from under the wheels. However, Moto Leggings just took biker's folded design and adapted it to everyday women's edgy leggings look.

Steampunk style

Steampunk's technological style was established in the 1980s as an independent direction. It is based on things and accessories styled after the old times of Victorian England. The style is characterized by spectacular, bright, sometimes outrageous outfits. Steampunk successfully combines several directions with similar style features: Victorian, Gothic, futuristic, and retro. The fashionable style has many fans, most of whom are people who want to stand out from the crowd and show their individuality.

Mesh Steampunk leggings

Creating a steampunk costume with your own hands is not an easy task. It requires attention to many little things that make up a whole image. In addition to wardrobe items, you will need all kinds of screws, gears, springs, chains, and other mechanical things that symbolize belonging to the progressive era. We made your way easier by finding these steampunk leggings.

Steampunk Leg Warmers

These are a combination of seductive and lovely Steampunk leg warmers that are really powerful! The styling possibilities with Steampunk Leg Warmers are endless – Witchy black, post-apocalyptic acid wash, Viking thigh ties, steampunk antique brown, Pixie, Victorian charm, etc.

Western & Cowboy style

The characteristics of the cowboys' lives were also impacted by the materials that produced garments and shoes. Traditionally, synthetics have had no place in the image of cowboys since America's development. The materials taken as a basis are exclusively natural. These are cotton, linen, denim, bikes, wool, suede, and leather. The main decorative elements of the style are fringes and lacing.

Fringe Flare Legging

Cowboy-style fans can wear these authentic Cowgirl Fringed Bell Bottom Leggings with a wide-brimmed hat and a messenger bag over the shoulder.

Fringe Yoga Pants

These cute Fringe Yoga Pants are cut with flattering double flare bell style, the right curves in the right places with plenty of room to dance, lounge, and do yoga. Rodeochics Leggings are great for layering and warm weather!

Variations of Leggings

Recently, designers have taken a great interest in creating “hybrids” of clothes, trying to combine the best features of two different things in one model. The leggings hybrids are following treggings, jeggings, etc. Not all fashionistas know what the differences are between leggings, jeggings, and treggings. All these three models do have common features:

  • they are sewn from elastic fabrics,
  • models fit the figure tightly,
  • in most cases, models do not have fasteners and are held by an elastic belt

The main differences between treggings and jeggings are in the fabrics from which the trousers are sewn.


This is a kind of clothing hybrid that combines leggings and classic skinny pants. At first glance, treggings can be mistaken for classic tight trousers, since elements inherent in this garment are used for their design – pockets, arrows, cuffs. The fabric used for sewing treggings resembles a suiting fabric, but it contains a large percentage of elastic threads, so it stretches well and fits the figure tightly. As a rule, for sewing treggings, the fabric is used, which includes cotton and lycra. Some of the fabrics used to make this model appear to be made of leather or suede.


Jeggings are essentially a mix of jeans and leggings. Elastic denim is used for sewing jeggings. In addition, elements that can be seen on jeans are used to decorate this model of clothing – pockets, decorative stitching, rivets. These elements can be real or imitation, that is, a pattern is created on the fabric that looks like the finish of jeans. Elastic fabric makes jeggings very comfortable, does not restrict movement, but looks stricter than frivolous leggings.

The main difference between jeggings and skinny jeans is in the fabric. Jeggings textile is more elastic – at least 30% of spandex, while skinny's contains no more than 7% of elastic threads.

Skirted Leggings or Skeggings

Fashionable leggings with a skirt or Skirted Leggings (Skeggings) are a union of two elements – tight-fitting leggings and a skirt overhead. This amazing thing adds playfulness, mystery, and romance to the female image brings a special chic and zest to the style. Wear skirted leggings at discos, dance competitions, sports competitions, and parties. Also, you can include skeggings in casual, street, and walking looks.


Meggings are simply men's leggings with molded crotch for workout and festival fashion.

Maternity Leggings

Leggings for future moms are maybe the number one garment that should be in your clothes from the early stages, throughout, and at the end of pregnancy. Maternity clothing should be comfortable without squeezing and rubbing. Furthermore, clothing should normally allow air to pass because the sweating of pregnant women is increasing and a synthetic outfit that does not provide a normal air swap could be felt like torture. Moreover, mothers should be attractive and give the baby a positive mood. Here's why Maternity Leggings are an excellent versatile choice for stylish, comfortable, not see-through wear sometimes with compression that you can wear to work, home, and party without buying a bunch of irrational clothes for several months.

There are different bump-friendly options for Pregnancy Leggings:

Over-the-bump Maternity Leggings

This style is also appropriate for light options, but it is more commonly found in winter leggings for pregnant women. Over-the-belly Maternity Leggings with high and warm bump area fabric protect the back and stomach from the cold. Their cut has a special elastic jersey insert that goes all the way over the bump, like hugging it. Leggings are held due to a thin elastic band located over the belly.

Vegan Leather Maternity Leggings, Stylish Pregnancy Leggings, Custom Length Maternity Trousers, Extra Tall Pregnancy Pants these leggings are great for Tall Mothers as well cause we can customize a length for you! DaniellaDress

Underbelly Maternity Leggings

Underbelly or Bumpstart Maternity Leggings has a low waistline, they are sewn on a wide elastic belt and must be made with flat seams. This allows you to avoid skin chafing. But these are not just low-waisted models, maternity models have a special bandage insert that provides the necessary support for the belly. Leggings “below the belly” are ideal for summer, they are sewn both in classic length and short ones.

Foldover panels Leggings

Pregnancy Leggings with adjustable rise – a universal model that includes the above-mentioned 2 options.

Leggings Waist Rises

Low Rise Leggings

Low-rise leggings that allow you to show the best sides of the figure – a thin waist, a toned tummy, and graceful hips. A feature of these leggings is the presence of a belt below the waist and navel; they give a youthful look, boldness and accentuate the natural beauty of women.

Mid-Rise Leggings

Mid-rise or mid-waist is the golden mean in most cases for leggings. Mid-rise leggings are chosen when none of the high or low rises are suitable for a particular occasion. The classic mid-waist will always be in place, will not expose or hide too much.

High Waisted Leggings

High-waisted leggings that can dramatically change the look. They have a lot of advantages, appealing to women of all ages, and especially to those who need body shaping. The high waist plays an important role in shaping the silhouette, as it visually narrows the hips and makes the female body slimmer and graceful.


What is the difference between treggings and leggings?

Unlike leggings, treggings is denser and more elastic, and they also have design details like pockets, arrows, cuffs inherent in ordinary trousers. Sewn mostly from suiting fabric (sometimes suede or leather) with a lot of spandex in order to be flexible as leggings.

What are leggings for guys called?

Men's leggings can be considered tights, compression pants, however, lately spandex men's leggings with a molded crotch are often called Meggings.

What type of shirts to wear leggings?

A long shirt and leather leggings are a great combination for every day. The shirt can be either plain or with a print. Bright plaid shirts are especially successfully combined with dark leggings. How to wear a shirt? Those with a thin waist can wear it with a belt. If the waist is slightly blurred, then it is better to wear the shirt without a belt.
In the summer, you can wear leggings with a tank top below the waist length and a shirt that is wide open. In winter, you can wear a jumper over the shirt, while the shirt should be longer than the jumper. Then we will have a fashionable multi-layered look.

Do you think guys should wear leggings?

Definitely. Guys should join the spandex leggings family if they are attended to do workouts, trains, yoga, run. Also, bright men's leggings would be fitting with festival clothing, discos, and themed parties.

What are some good leggings for a femboy?

Redbubble, a print-on-demand service, has a pretty much big collection of femboy leggings, leggings constructed from 88% polyester, 12% elastane.

What is the difference between leggings and jeggings?

Jeggings have a denser texture of fabrics than leggings, also the stitching and design details are similar to denim skinny pants. Stretch jeggings don't stretch as much as leggings. They have become a great alternative to thick and tight jeans and streamlined, but often informal leggings.

What if your leggings are damaged?

Shannon from explained it greatly with details.

Should men be allowed to wear leggings?

Men have been wearing spandex and other tight garments for years, and the trend is taking off. In 2014, a survey found that 43% of men said they had worn leggings at some point in their life. And a recent article from The Telegraph suggests that the trend is just getting started. “It was like all of my Christmases had come at once: leggings for everyone!” says one male fashion blogger.

What is the difference between men and women leggings?

We believe that difference hides in the anatomy and cut, truly men's leggings should have molded crotch, unlike women ones, and perhaps wider waistline.

What can you wear with snake print leggings?

Snake print leggings look elegant, especially in combination with a light top with straps. The ensemble could be complemented with a dark jacket with a deep cut and matching earrings.

Do most leggings look cropped on you?

If another pair of new-bought leggings look short or cropped on you again, you may simply not be able to find leggings with the right inseam for your height. DanielaDress can help sew the leggings for any height (32″, 34″, 36″, 38″, 39″, 40″, 41″, 42″ inseams) for women and future moms.

Can guys wear leggings like girls?

Yes, sure. It gives more motion freedom in such activities as workouts, trains, yoga, run. Also good for festival fashion.

Do guys have to wear shorts over leggings?

Not necessarily, it depends on the wishes of the owner

Do you do more than work out in them?

Leggings are a popular fashion trend for women. They’re comfy, stylish, and versatile. But I know that they have more ways to be dressed up than just going to the gym or wearing it on a lazy day around the house. They're so versatile that they're perfect for work, the weekend, or a night out on the town. Leggings might quickly become one of your's favorite types of clothing to wear!

Do black leggings go with brown boots?

Sure. It is very stylish.

Can guys wear leggings to the gym?

Yes. Leggings have gone from being the go-to garb for women in the gym to a staple in men’s wardrobes. Leggings are not only comfortable, but they also offer an easy way to add a stylish edge to your workout wardrobe.

Why do guys wear leggings undershorts at the gym?

Men sometimes wear leggings for muscle compression at the gym with or without shorts. This enables the wearer to train longer and harder, and also helps to reduce muscle tiredness. However, some guys still feel uncomfortable wearing leggings to the gym. They worry other gym-goers might judge them or think they’re not serious about fitness, so they are adding shorts over leggings.

Can you wear tights with a midi skirt?

The answer is yes! Tights can complement a midi skirt with ease. They give the skirt a more streamlined and polished look. Plus, they work to keep your legs warm. As a result, they're often worn in winter weather.

What are the worst types of leggings?

Leggings are everywhere – worn by celebrities, yogis, and even our favorite TV show characters. But are they all created equal? The answer is no. There are many different types of leggings that vary greatly in quality. Some are too thin or too sheer, don't have enough stretch, or use an outdated design; some are poorly made and will fall apart after one wear.

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